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Butterfly Spanish gives you a practical way to learn Spanish. With over one million followers on YouTube, Butterfly Spanish enables people around the world to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way. There are more than 100 free video lessons already available, covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation, and culture.

I am your teacher, Ana, and I believe in teaching real, practical Spanish. ¡Sí! Most Spanish books and programs keep teaching phrases and words that are grammatically correct but that in the real Spanish world are either outdated, way too formal, or only used in one country. With me, you will learn the Spanish that native speakers use nowadays. Not only that, you will learn about the differences in the ways Spanish is spoken in different countries.

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I teach Spanish because I love my language, I love linguistics, and more importantly, I enjoy teaching. See, one issue is that as much as I love teaching Spanish, I still have to translate birth certificates to make a living. Now, do not get me wrong, birth certificates are fun to translate, but I could be creating more lessons, and a lesson is not like a fallen angel that just lands on your head. I work hard to make my videos comprehensive, and they take a long time. I need to research, prepare, read, record, edit, go and pick up the camera and mic that I borrow from some pro people, reserve the computer at the library that has the programs I need to edit my videos, and more. So this takes me time and money. Your donations will make this possible.

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